Dolores plafonnier

The Dolores ceiling light is a fantastic lighting solution that will add an elegant touch to your hallway. Available in cognac-colored glass with a black canopy or gray glass with a satin-finished canopy, it offers two stylish options to complement your interior decor.

The Dolores fixture features a round and curvaceous design that exudes enchanting aesthetics. Its glass construction provides a pleasant and even distribution of light, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the hallway.

The black or satin-finished canopy adds a modern and trendy feel to the Dolores lamp while offering a sleek contrast to the colored glass. The combination of materials and colors gives the fixture a refined and sophisticated look.

Perfect for illuminating the hallway and creating a welcoming entrance to your home, the Dolores glass fixture becomes an eye-catching interior detail that will impress your guests.

Explore the possibilities with the Dolores glass ceiling fixture and let its elegant design and lighting transform your hallway into a stylish and inviting space.

Product information

Height (cm):30

Diameter (cm):30

Attachment on hook:

Additional information


Maximum allowed bulb wattage:Max. W

IP rating:IP20

Item number:4202200-5512


Gross weight:2,9

Net weight:2


Instruction manual (pdf)

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