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For over three decades, the family-run, Porvoo-based company Sessak has brought new light to Finland. With experience and knowledge, Sessak brings a unique, constantly evolving selection of luminaires to the market.


Our customers satisfaction is based on our diverse selection of items, the monthly release of new products as well as on the creations of our own designers. We guarantee quick delivery and can offer custom solutions for almost any space.

We serve customers in Finland and in the Baltic states. Lighting-shops, interior designers, architects, furniture stores and well-equipped department-stores daily find the solutions for their lighting-needs in our extensive selection.

We want to create long-lasting and mutually beneficial customer-relationships. Get acquainted with Sessak and our products, and let us together create a new co-operation that suits your company’s needs.

What we can offer

We serve our customers based on their needs and desires. Sessak also offers complete and ready-to-go customized solutions. Thanks to the substantial stock of items kept locally at our warehouse in Porvoo, we can guarantee quick and reliable delivery, in as few as a couple of days.

In case you are interested in ordering a large number of a certain item, we facilitate the possibility to customize the product based on your needs and the requirements of the space it will be used in. We can also provide unique lighting-solutions based on your plans and drawings.

Our products are produced and designed for the needs of Finnish customers and are easy to install and maintain. In our selection, you will also find suitable light-sources for all our luminaires. We also guarantee the availability of spare parts, should they be needed.

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By Rydéns

Products from our Swedish partner By Rydéns bring a Scandinavian glow to your space. Combining top-class designers with Scandinavian clarity, By Rydéns has more than 50 years of experience in producing items that put that finishing touch on any space.

The co-operation between Sessak and By Rydéns has gone on continuously for almost 30 years already.


Calex is the brand of a Dutch company that is focused on producing high-quality light-sources and accessories. Thanks to Calex continuous focus on product-development, new and fascinating bulbs see the light of day regularly.

There are over 600 different bulbs in Calex assortment of  LED-bulbs, Smart-items, decorative-bulbs, CFL-, halogen-, and traditional incandescent bulbs. Calex items are certified to ISO9001, ISO14001, BSCI and AEO -standards.

Sessak can guarantee quick delivery of Calex -items as we maintain a extensive selection of stock at our warehouse in Porvoo.

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