Dolores 30 pendant light

The Dolores glass ceiling lamp is a stylish and unique lighting that will make a beautiful addition to your home. Available in cognac-colored glass with black suspension or gray glass with satin suspension, it adds an elegant and sophisticated touch to your interior.

The Dolores ceiling lamp features a round and curvaceous design, creating a captivating aesthetic. Its glass construction provides a pleasant and soft diffusion of light, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

With the black textile cable, the Dolores lamp achieves a modern and trendy look while offering a stylish contrast to the cognac-colored or gray glass. The cable length can be easily adjusted to fit the ceiling height and your preferences.

Perfect for illuminating various spaces in your home, such as the dining table or living room, the Dolores lamp is an eye-catching interior detail that will impress your guests.

Create a cozy atmosphere with the Dolores glass ceiling lamp and enjoy its unique beauty and lighting effect. It is the perfect combination of style, quality, and functionality to enhance your home.

Product information

Height (cm):25.5

Diameter (cm):30

Attachment on hook:

Cord length (cm):1.4

Additional information


Maximum allowed bulb wattage:Max. 5W

IP rating:IP20

Item number:4202180-5512


Gross weight:3,9

Net weight:2,4


Instruction manual (pdf)

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