Warm colors, natural materials and -shapes

The bohemian -style space is a peaceful place of tranquility in your own style where vitality is allowed to grow.

Boldly in abundance

The bohemian, or boho-style, is now perhaps stronger than ever. With the boho-style you create a  place that feels and looks like you, by combining warm colors, natural materials, soft textiles and organical shapes. The style is as popular amongst renovators as it is with builders of new spaces.

The boho -interior decorator boldly combines a myriad of natural materials, creating a nest for tranquillity. Luminaires in rattan, bamboo and manilla-rope are a perfect match.


Combine boldly

Hang a luminaire in rattan from the ceiling, place a few dried flowers in a vase, add some soft and fluffy cushions and a warm quilt, and a relaxing place for calming down is ready. A place where it is easy to stop and gain energy.

Boho is also suitable for combining with a lighter, more minimalistic interior, where it will add a layer of warmth.  Check below for suitable luminaires and create your own version of the boho-style, where it is nice to dwell and easy to relax.

Busso 75 cm