Cord set PVC E27 3m

This high-quality E27 lamp fixture comes equipped with an external thread, allowing for the attachment of an E27-compatible lamp shade using the provided threaded ring. With a cord length of 3 meters, this fixture enables the height of the pendant lamp to be easily adjusted, making it suitable even for rooms with high ceilings. The installation process is straightforward, thanks to the included S-hook, which can be attached to a ceiling hook, and the electrical connection is made simple with a lamp plug. This lamp fixture is available in both black and white options.

Furthermore, the ceiling cup features a screw at its bottom. By loosening this screw, you can adjust the length of the power cord to fit your needs. Excess cord can be neatly coiled inside the spacious ceiling cup. The design of the ceiling cup also ensures that it covers the entire ceiling socket, resulting in a clean and seamless installation.

Externally threaded holder with flange and shade ring

Product information

Luminaire plug included:

Attachment on hook:

Cord length (cm):3

Additional information

Frame material:Plastic


Maximum allowed bulb wattage:Max. 60W

IP rating:IP 20

Item number:K5819-1MU


Gross weight:0,23

Net weight:0,15


Frame color:Black

Cable color:Black