Jenni Inkeroinen

The Louhi lamp is designed to suit any space with its air of timelessness.

Relaxed and versatile, Louhi brings clarity and elegance to any table. 

– I got the idea for a tilted shape after seeing a spinning top turned on its side in a magazine. The lamp appears straightforward since it has no shaft and lies freely on the surface, Inkeroinen explains.

The prototype for the light source was born during her studies in interior architecture at the Lahti Institute for Design, and developed into accentuating and setting the frame for the space it illuminates.

– When I design a lamp I think about the atmosphere it will bring to the room. In lighting design it is captivating to see how the light behaves, how it penetrates different materials or moves along them.

Louhi is available in polished marble or bare concrete, combined with matted glass that creates a smooth light.

– The rough concrete and the light-colored, smooth dome makes for an interesting contrast. Concrete felt like a natural choice for this type of lamp, as is it heavy and maintains balance aptly despite the slanting shape.