Laura Väre

I am inspired by phenomenas and ideas from our daily life.

Sessak proudly presents Napa, Kielo and Pisarat three new designs created by Laura Väre. Effortlessly combine style with functionality and perfect your home with classic hues of metal and glass.

Väre is the creative behind the ceiling fixture Laaka, now available in golden hue in addition to brass. The two newcomers, the table lamp Malja and the floor lamp Lakki, are designed in the same aura, timelessly combining lustrous metal and smoky glass.

– I get inspired by inventing new solutions. Anything can be an inspiration if you are curious and mindful of your surroundings. At times the ideas take you by surprise, Laura Väre says.

For Väre the path to functional and visually striking lighting begins from a thought, shaped and moulded along the creative process into a final form. In fixture design she sees the ultimate challenge as holistically incorporating the power supply into her designs.  

– Occasionally I spin the idea in my head for a long time before drawing a first line on paper, Laura Väre explains.

As a designer Väre looks to challenge herself into creating lasting lighting solutions designed for everyday life.

– It is central that the lamp functions in the setting it is created for – that it is clear-cut, beautiful and easy to understand.