Matti Syrjälä

The best source of inspiration is nature with all its diversity.

How is beautiful light created? 

Lighting designer Matti Syrjälä is a master at harnessing luminosity – his designs for homes and office spaces manoeuvre light with artistic precision.

– For me lighting design begins with the light. I think about what kind of light the lamp will produce, and where it is directed. It is important that the lamp does not dazzle, or that the luminance of the surfaces does not become too great.

With Corner Syrjälä has created a series of lighting fixtures that unite the softness of concrete with angular forms. The triptych casts a consciously directed light, either as a dynamic whole or as stand alone designer pieces.  

– I wanted to design a series of lamps that offer different entities depending on how they are combined. Concrete inspired me as I was designing the lights, at that moment it was not used in lamps almost at all.

The comely Hehku combines softly frosted glass with elegant marble for an intimate feel.

– I wished to create a table lamp that sheds soft light around itself. For the shape I wanted something simple, easily approachable and timeless.

When it comes to planning lighting at home, Matti Syrjälä offers a simple rule of thumb.

– Dimming of the light! By dimming the general lighting you can adapt the light for different functions – there should be enough lighting to see well. Apart from that, you will want different table and floor lamps to create various atmospheres.