Kasper Nyman

My products are founded on a strong idea, functionality and quality.

Minimalistic classics with a twist.

For Kasper Nyman good design means timelessness and purity – goals that unite the entire creative process.

–  The biggest challenge is downscaling the design, and at the same time avoiding a boring product, Nyman explains.

The key to successful composition is the pursuit of beauty and wellbeing, and Nyman hopes his designs will bring delight to their future homes. Två, the roof fixture designed for Sessak, is a prime example of the appeal of simplicity and timelessness.

– The idea behind Två was to combine two materials, glass and metal, in the most native and effortless way possible.

Unforgettable and captivating, Nymans other roof fixture for Sessak, Hi-Hat, is a dream come true for the designer.

– I have always been fascinated by the shapes and textures of drums and cymbals. I wanted to use the striped texture on the surface to animate the appearance of the metallic shade.

Nyman has a background in carpentry, a specialty that translates into creating classic, minimal, designs. The combination of craft and pioneering design earned him a place at the prestigious Salone Milano in 2016.

– Light sources are a great way for me to be able to work with materials that are slightly unfamiliar for me, and simultaneously learn new skills, Nyman explains.